Remember the Genocide Against Tutsis

During the genocide, our crime was not being Rwandans but being Tutsis. In fact,
our killers called us the foreign invaders and enemies of Rwanda.

Although we have no ability to reverse the course of Rwandan history, together,
we can fight revisionism and genocide denial in order to limit the impact of the
genocide and plant the seeds for a peaceful and a better tomorrow. Never Again!


The Yvette Rugasaguhunga Survivors’ Education Fund (YRSEF) seeks to reverse the effect of the Genocide against Rwandan Tutsis by providing educational opportunities to vulnerable survivor, living in Rwanda and the U.S., while educating the world about the genocide and raising awareness of the still growing human right abuses all over the world in an effort to prevent future genocides. READ MORE

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A Survivor's State of Mind

"A Survivor's State of Mind" monologue is a portray of the horrors of the Genocide
against Tutsi to depict the pains of survivors in their struggles from their places of 
hiding to their pursuit of justice; embrace of forgiveness, reconciliation and
recovery from their traumatic experienc

We Deserve Justice


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